Is there any way to report people

Is there any way to report people not obeying basic rules/ following ATC instructions?

Unfortunately, No it was removed.

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Ok, thanks thats sad tho. I now understand that casual and training server are bassicly worthless without any enforcement

Only ATC on the expert server or moderators can ghost people, unfrtounatrly unless you are one of them you can’t ghost.
If they are trolling then message a mod about t with evidence.

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Also, this belongs in the #live category

The report button was removed because it was overused and abused.

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Ok so, if i send video evidence i would be able to get mods on the case?

Only if they are trolling, not following instructions on the training server is not really trolling. If it was on the expert server then yes

You’ll have to send them a Private Message

@Chatta290 I mean WIth not following ATC instructions they land on random runways without clearence causing people to plummit into others.

Yep unfortunately that’s the training server and it’s part of people learning how to fly. These sorts of things are not against the rules.

Ok thanks for all the answers, thats very unfortunate tho :( good day man!

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