Is there any way to refuel in antarctic station in TBM-930

I am headed down through south america in a tbm 930. could I possibly reach an antarctic station from argentina and chile to refuel at and even possibly fly to some islands in the pacific with the 1,700 mile range?

ps. this is my first time making a topic.

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Penguin re-fuelling station.

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if you were going down from chile, you can re fuel at the bottom of south america SAWH, and then there is another re fuelling station not far south from there (SCRM). I’m sure you could make it


Using or to generate a flight plan will give you the best answer. Okay around with these and see if they give you a warning like “flight time exceeds aircraft range”.


There are quite a few airports on Antarctica. Ive taken a C130 and landed it on the South Pole station. This has quite a big platform where you can refuel. I landed on at least one more airport there with a platform.

But as Tom said, you need to plan this carefully, and use the tools to calculate your fuel.

If you are going to do this flight, please keep us posted 😊


I will. when i made this post i was thinking REALLY far ahead. right now I am in sao luis brazil so i am not going to be at that point any time soon but hopefully within the next week.

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