Is there any way to purchase aircraft/scenery packs even with current Live+?

Still wondering if IF could make it available for people like me, currently sitting on Live+ subscription, the path to purchase more airplane/scenery packs now…

If you have live plus you have all aircraft and regions.

I know, but I still want the ability to buy the packs

Not sure what would be the point myself

There are currently no “packs” or special offers. Live+ is the only way to get everything for $49.99 per year. Without Live+ you must purchase everything separately.

Keep in mind that Infinite Flight devs are respectful of other people’s time and money, so there are no hidden costs, special packs, or sneaky tricks to try to get your money.

Prices for any aircraft or region are shown when tapping on them in the selection menu. Live and Live+ prices are also clearly stated. And yes, you will no longer have access to the aircrafts and regions you didn’t own before purchasing Live+ if your Live+ subscription expires.


I know that, Sean. And, yes, I have already see the goodwill heart of the IF Devs last week when I was trying to buy IF livery for IFAO requirement before realising my current Live+ met the requirement. I’m not looking for special offers, either. I just want to be able to fly my favourite aircrafts, etc., if I have to go for prolonged Airplane Mode or internet outage, etc.


So what’s your question? If you have a Live+ subscription, you have to wait until it expires to actually purchase individual items.


Okay, my question is this: Could the IF Devs consider making it available for people like me with Live+ subscription to purchase more airplane/scenery packs?

I know I can’t do that right now and fully appreciate the well intentions for the Devs team. And, making it available doesn’t count as “ripoff” to me, since Live+ subscription has allowed all subscribers to access all packs, and if to purchase more packs while sitting on the subscription is totally up to personal preference.

Well, I’m not complaining anything over the team’s policy or intentions. Just an innocent suggestion… Cheers~~

Can you explain what you mean by “Making it possible to purchase more aircraft/scenery packs”?

There are all regions in the game, no more of them, and when there is a new region or aircraft, you will get it free due to your live+ subscription. Although as Sean stated, you will no longer have the aircraft for free if your subscription expires.

I’m not talking about the “right” to access all the airplane/scenery packs here if one is with Live+ subscription, which I do have right now and enjoy the free access very much. What I am trying to request is more about “collecting/owning” the packs other than the “free” ones coming with the purchase of the IF app.

Well, hope that this would explain a bit more clearly of where I’m heading with this topic. It’s okay if you do not share nor appreciate my “collector’s desire” ;-) Thanks for all your kind feedbacks, though~~

Maybe what you need is “Donation” button, I don’t know this can be implemented, it’s still entirely upto the developers like any other things.

The problem is that when all content is unlocked via the Live + subscription there’s no way to re-lock something so it can be unlocked again by a specific purchase. It’s kind of an all or nothing scenario. At least for now.

Thanks, David! Appreciate your response!!