Is there any way to get into space

Hello I’ve been trying to do this for quite sometime now and I’m not able to exit earths atmosphere does anyone know what type of plane to use and how fast I need to go to exit earths atmosphere if anyone knows please respond

Maybe this is what you’re looking for:

I’ve tried that it doesn’t work

Hmmm, okay, looks like I won’t be able to help you. Someone else here might know.

Ok thx would you like to fly some time with me

You can’t get out of the atmosphere, at least not without exploiting glitches. The highest I’ve managed in an F-22, flying as fast as possible then pulling straight up, is in the region of 190,000 ft.

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Is there any glitches you know of?

I’m usually not active much, and really only do long hauls. You can create an event and see if you get a gathering.

Watch this video:

It isn’t even clickbait😂


I’ll watch this and try it if it won’t work I’ll ask

It will take some time😂

How long
Does it take

I don’t know, maybe 30 to 60 minutes… why do you want to go to the space?

This video shows the only “known” way to get into space
However, it doesn’t work anymore as I think the bug has been fixed.
(At least what I experienced)

That’s also possible

It worked for me thanks


This is cool i might try this. Thanks i was wondering how to do this. Yeee

Get in an F22 overspeed on a runway and put the A/P for 1200ft/min and put the thrust on 100%

I try but every time i do i just keep going in circles and then crash. Any tips?

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Seeing as you are flying an ‘aircraft’, why are you trying to leave the atmosphere? That’s physically impossible in an aircraft.