Is there any way to get 1 year pro sub?

Ill buy pro in a week probably, i want to get a 1 year long sub so i have time and 85 euros isnt a bad price, in IF app i can only get a month long sub, is there any way to get a 1 year long sub on an iPad without having to pay every month? Thanks

I think the only way to get is is by having a 1 month subscription already

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hey there, so when you load the game up and where it says “buy pro” or something click on that and it should list 3 options, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. if that doesn’t work go to your ipad settings → Apple ID → Subscriptions and then find Infinite Flight. Once there you should have the same 3 options. Hope this helps.

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Incorrect, they removed the option for 6 months and yearly, the only way you can do it now is through settings and this only works for apple devices


Ok, thank you all. Since im buying it on iPad it should work, thanks

assuming you didn’t read the whole comment it says right below on what to do 😐

You also said to open the app and click get pro and it will be there, that option is no longer there, that’s what I’m saying your wrong about.


The option is there in the app store. Just not in the app…

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ah okay! sorry for sounding mad!

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It’s alright, sorry if I came off as rude at all

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