Is there any sort of JET2VA

me and my friends @Anne_Honeyball and @Aerodyne are planning on making a VA. We are planning on doing a good and enjoyable Virtual Airline. After discussion we have picked JET2 so now our question is, is there any active JET2 VA’s?
Can someone please respond and let me know!
Thanks British Aviator


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I would take a look at this topic.

It does say that the VA is closed

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Brilliant News.
Is there anyone who is trying to currentley revamp it?

Thanks ima have a wee look

Keep in mind I wrote that months ago, and things could have changed in said time. I would strongly recommend following the instructions given to properly search the database for evidence of the VA. You may also reach out to an IFVARB representative if you wish for any queries.


thanks alot

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So on IFVARB go to IFVARB this to check if anyone has the idea.


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