Is there any quick ways to get to the expert server?

Currently I’m on the training server and would really like to do some group flight(s) Any suggestions on how to get to the expert server in 2-4 Days? (It’s fine if it’s more that 4 days). Anyways,Thanks! 😁


The quickest way is to continue flying so that you build up the necessary experience, flight time, and landings in order to meet the requirements for grade 3.


No need to rush, in gaining grade 3. Enjoy your flights. Flying different aircraft, flying conditions, slowly building up your XP, and landings. You’ll achieve grade 3. 👍


Just fly as much as you can until you hit the hour requirement. You don’t even need to land, just take a 77L or something, load it up, point it in a random direction, and just end flight when you need to go do something. Then, go to Denver on casual in a C208 and fly a box around the airport, hitting a runway every 30 seconds and then turning 90 degrees and then repeating until you hit the landing requirement.

(Yes, I know it’s a crude answer but if you really want the fastest way this is it. Do not get in over your head, make sure you know the rules before flying on Expert).


Hi there!
As for landing count farming, I would suggest using XCUB at KEDW’s longest runway and 30 secs timer parallely. So, you don’t have to turn around that many times thus focusing only on the rate of landings per time.
Hope it helps! 😃


Yeah do a lot of landings and a few longer flights. But please please pretty please with a cherry on top, look at the tutorials here on the forum, so you know how to act and communicate with ATC.


So if your under your landing count, Just go to Edwards AFB and do touch and goes. Once you get that, Start doing medium-haul flights like SAN-ATL, ORF-LAS, and more. That’s how i did it and i just got into expert server

I recently took a break from IF for a few months, and when I returned, I had been demoted to a grade 2, so I just started doing long hauls and farming for about 10 landings a day

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Thanks so much, I’ll be on the grade 3 server soon! 🥳

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Thanks! I’ll be in soon 😊

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The best way to think of it as, to know the fundamentals of the the Expert Server following instructions and the guidelines within the server, I understand that there’s not much action on the Training server and Casual server but it’s best to take your time. In learning the rules and regulations before everything, I go by a famous quote.

(“What you run from you run too”)

Cheers, 🥂



I would like to share my recent experience as an Infinite Flight user and offer insights on efficiently advancing through the grades. Having been an Infinite Flight user since February 22, I recently embarked on a fresh start on November 26, with the primary goal of maintaining a clean record with zero violations.

Remarkably, within a span of just four days, I successfully attained Grade 3 and gained access to the expert server. I acknowledge that this achievement may seem ambitious, but I would like to elucidate on the strategies that facilitated this swift progress and provide guidance for fellow users seeking similar accomplishments.

Engage in Long Hauls:
Undertaking long-haul flights is a fundamental strategy to fulfill the flight time requirement efficiently. During my journey to Grade 3, I completed only three long-haul flights. Considering your existing Grade 2 status, surpassing this benchmark should be attainable.

Prioritize Landings for XP Accumulation:
Contrary to common knowledge, the number of landings significantly influences XP accumulation in Infinite Flight. Personally, I find that executing landings at KORD (Chicago O’Hare) expedites the process. While some opt for fighter jets due to their speed, I typically utilize SR-22 or Cessna 172. I have developed a specific approach to landing, which I am more than willing to share through my replay files (DM me).

By adhering to these strategies, one can accrue flight time, XP, and landings swiftly and efficiently. However, it is crucial to underscore the importance of consistency in applying these methods.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I appreciate your dedication to the Infinite Flight community and look forward to any insights or feedback you may have on these recommendations.




I feel bad for you having to type such a long reply 😳 (Thanks for the advice)


Touch n goes

Anytime! It’s always good to hep the community.

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All I can say is, don’t rush! I choose to fly realistic patterns to get landings and flight time at my home airport, to help me lock in procedures in my real life flight training. IF doesn’t perfectly translate, however, it is decent for learning procedures.

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The quick ways to the “Expert Server” will lead to violations and frustration. Like many things in life, there’s no short cuts. The “Expert Server” is currently ridden with irresponsible pilots who have no regard for professionalism, and certainly no regard for realism. The IFATC will have no issue in reporting or ghosting if bad behavior is displayed. The best advice I could share is to keep flying, follow procedures as best to your ability, and most importantly have fun. In due time you’ll get to the server of your choice and will be a better sim pilot along with it. In addition, this community has many talented aviators and mentors to help us all. It’s always best when we rally together to help each other out instead of critiquing when we ourselves could be doing better.


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