Is there any one who wants to fly with me?

I really want a friend or some people who can fly with a friend. So, is there anyone who wants to play in multiplayer with me in the casual or training sever with me? Heads up, I’m 14.


I’m about fly with my friend in training, from Beijing to Shanghai, feel free to come!

I would recommend joining the Infinite Flight discord. Always people looking to fly there. :)

I do. I just thought I’d check both the community and the discord.

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smart. I wish you best of luck! how far from expert server are you?

Hey! I’m always willing to fly with anyone, as long as they behave and are professional when flying. DM me anytime and we can plan some flights together.

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Ok! I try my best to be professional.

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Like 60 landings.

Where can I find it?

In your stats.

They are talking about the discord server

Oh, my bad.

That’s perfect! Just DM me whenever you want to fly and we can plan one and fly it together.

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