Is there any live atc like Zello anymore?

Hi guys back a few years ago zello was used to fully interact with atc voice to voice as I did a few videos of a live atc zello session on my YouTube channel. That was around 3 years ago and i wanted to know if there is anything now similar or if anyone would be willing to start zello back up etc to create a live airport scenario? Thanks for your time


I love it.
Would be great for events tho.


I wasn’t playing during that time period but i believe a few VA’s do VATC (Voice ATC) events every so few months. Pm and i’ll tell you them👍

If i said it here technically would be advertising so


If thats true then it would be VERY cool! I would study hard n better my terminology before speaking to ATC

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Thanks bro hopefully we can get this back 👊🏻👊🏻

Yeah we just should organise an event for this, there is not really something else to get this running smoothly.

Event, e.g. hopping between two airports, both with voice speaking ATC.

Something else then clicking on the commands and hear always the same voice😫

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We actually should you know it will bring a whole new light on the new generation of infinite flight pilots 👊🏻


Yes exactly. It will give for sure more realistic feeling between ATC & Pilots.


Just a little something…
Verbal ATC is banned by the IFVARB excluding certain organizations. BAVA is one of those.

Hope this helps


Man I hope voice chat comes back


Why is it banned @KaiM?

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And what have IFVARB to do with us?
If we organise an event, use a uncontrolled (And smaller) airport and talk through Zello for ATC.
ATC in IF will remain active for other players which didn’t join or know the event/zello.

I don’t see the relation with IFVARB.


Would be nice to respond to some situations when you don’t have an option for it.

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You’re not permitted to have VOs that do this, and it is strongly recommended that you do not have it for events as people must know what they’re doing. Also, having ATC on IF and on Zello is not a good idea, having people trying to manage both would be a nightmare.


Again we are not talking about any VOs and VAs.

There are events for right? Organise something so everyone that joins know what they must do?

That is your opinion, we are not talking about heavy duty traffic.
If we take an airport which is dead, unused (There are many) there will be no issues at all.

I can’t stop you, but please consider not doing this on Expert at the very least.

Of course lol. ATC on Expert is completely different arranged than casual & training.

I never mentioned it will be on expert anyway.

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