Is there any deals on infinite flight live for this week

I’m wondering if there is any deals for infinite flight live this week or cyber Monday


I doubt it, and if there was anything I don’t think they would announce it, but I really hope so

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They probably would announce it if they did have a deal or something. And no forum member knows if they have plans. Only the staff themselves.

Half price on cyber Monday probably comes with twice the violations…!


“Purchase our Pro subscription for $4.99 a month and you’ll receive fifteen violations at no extra charge! Hurry, sale ends today. Terms and conditions apply.”

Yeah, probably not. But who knows? Perhaps with our fingers crossed and some holiday magic, a deal will appear. We’ll just have to wait and see. :)


I remember last year for Android the price dropped to buy the app a bit. So maybe.

The line will look like KLAX on casual… runways overflowing with happy fliers… shoving and pushing to the front of the line…!

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That would be amazing, we should go spotting

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For 90$ per month you get a photo randomly of the staff giving you a thumbs up!


Ok hands down I’m getting this 😂

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