Is there an option to switch the order of your screens in the A320 or any aircraft with a live cockpit?

Sorry for the long title. But in many aircraft you could have your speed screen on the right and your map on the left, just wondering if this is possible.


Its not possible


Not as of now, no.

Look in any IRL A320 cockpit (or any screen display cockpit in any aircraft, for that matter) and you’ll see that the screens are arranged in the exact same way as the A320 cockpit in Infinite Flight. It’s replicated from IRL cockpits.

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I believe that this is only possible on the A350 family in real life.

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Ok, I think on most IRL aircraft you can switch it I will see. Thank you guys for your answers

It’s also possible on the A320family to change the PFD and ND, to ensure you can see the needed information should one of the screen fail. Same on the A330/340/380 most likely as well, but not 100% sure.


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