Is there an official headquarters for IF?

If so were is it located.

They probably have an office or something in the San Francisco area.


Thats were a lot of co. are

If they told me,

I would go…

Oakland life!

If so, i wonder if you can go inside and look around

Yes, San Francisco is a huge commercial hub.

I doubt that’ll ever happen.

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What??? @leQuestions

There is an address on the IF app download screen on play store

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Actually, no. The employees of FDS come from all around the world. They have ALL only been together once when they all met for a few days in, San Fransisco I believe it was.

Well were is there metting area

You’re right, I forgot about that!

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I live near San Fransisco, I even know how to take public transportation VIA Bart and AC Transit…

I live 45 minutes away from Laura, she’s near San Jose I believe…

You mean for everyday work? I would assume that they just communicate mostly through device. Skype, email, etc.

I bet they just work from home

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Yea i do too,unless IF gets a lot of 💵💰💲$ and can buy an office space.

I’ve never met any of the people who work in my company. We just do everything through texts lol.

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Not all… Not Mark ;)

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Stop stalking the devs :P


Exactly. I remember them talking about how someone lives in Europe. I would be more specific normally, but it’s a bit late, my brain is ready for sleep mode lol ;)