Is there an IF event in Hawaiian airspace?

Seems to be lots of activity right now…06:00Zulu (22:00 PST)
Anyone know?

Which server? Usually people just go where the ATC is.

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Training Server 1.

There is an IFAE event on the expert server now, I just checked on LiveFlight.


Were you able to tell that it was an IFAE event simply using LiveFlight? I’ve subscribed to the app, but still working my way through it.

It was funny to see the Training Server aircraft…

versus the Expert Server aircraft…


Yes, I simply tapped on a few aircraft and they had IFAE. But this was on the expert server ;)

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I can confirm there is an IFAE Event in Hawaii on expert.


This is such a perfect example of the server differences.

Edit: I should say that it’s a perfect example visually only. The TS could have had no one actively controlling. Still, looks like some darn good sequencing.

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