Is there an app

Is there an app for or this forum?

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The discourse app.


Hey there! There is DiscourseHub, the app for all Discourse Communities, or you can make a shortcut to add to your home screen!

To add to your home screen, click Share in the browser, then click add to home screen. (Apple). Someone else can tell you how on Android.


@Ur_Friendly_Approach… MaxSez: In answer to your question there is not an App for the Forum. The Forum is addressed via the Web, The link is Cited below.

Note: Discourse App is of no real value for day to day flight operations.
It’s a Tech App Program related. You may have use for it in the latter stages of matriculation and are more interested in chatting then flying.


Technically I was able to install the IFC as a web app (I’m not just running it as a website). However it just randomly gave me the option to download it so I don’t know where you would actually go to get it.


I am right now using the Discourse app.

I just go online from my iPhone and it works well that way (but I guess if you don’t have an iPhone it may be different)

On Android it is the case that you are looking for the Infinite Flight Community at Chrom. Now in the settings (three dots) on chrome you can select the option “Add to start screen”. Click on it. You confirm and you have it on your home screen. For me it is displayed that the old IF logo is with Infinite Flight. So the infinite sign with the plane. Not like the current one with the picture but the older version.

To add the website to your home screen on iOS

Share > Add to Home Screen

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You can add this side to your homescreen. (On Mobile)

Yes, there is an app made by Discourse ,called DiscourseHub