Is there an API for this forum?

@philippe, is there an api for this forum? I am am considering building an application (if I’m allowed), to send push notifications too the user’s device. However I need a way to tap off and define the notifications. Currently the only way I can be notified is by email, however the timings for posts/comments are inaccurate. Also my inbox is becoming very busy with the forum info. I think this is a small project that could be very useful and popular within the community and is something I would be happy to work on over the summer.



There is:

That being said I have no idea how to hook the website notifications to real push notifications.

Also my inbox is becoming very busy with the forum info

You can customize email notifications in your forum preferences.

Thanks, that will be useful. I think there is a lot of potential to make this work and it will benefit users tremendously.
I feel at the moment there is some inefficiency for the receiving of messages and is something that could be improved.

The thing is that the minor inefficiency of not having push notification on mobile (yet) might actually filter out poor discussions and unrelevant comments you see on other medium like facebook. Coming here is a conscious choice and could actually make it better for serious IF fans.