Is there an Ameriflight Virtual

Hello guys I was looking around the IFC and was wondering if there was an Ameriflight virtual because I want to join a part 135 airline but not many people make VAs and I dont have the time to make one and I also don’t know how to make one but I would definitely join! If anybody knows if there is one or would like to make one please tell me.

Thanks yall, Kyle7223

You can check for a list of active VAs or VOs!

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Hi @Kyle7223,

I just checked the database and unfortunately, I could not find the Airline you were looking for.

However you are free to make one. Check out this link for rules and requirements: IFVARB


I would like to make one but I dont know how and I also dont really have the time to make the VA that’s why I asked and if someone else would make it I would join right away

I’d make it with you

I would so be down @CptAdam

Ima dm you

Wait does that mean if I wanted to, I could make an emirates virtual? As it’s not an independent virtual group?

Emirates Virtual already exists. Always worth checking the IFC thread on creating a VA, and the IFVARB website to check what already exists, and what applications are currently in progress.

I checked and it’s closed and it’s not on the Virtual airline website. Does that mean I can create one?

Yeah I guess so, they must have closed fairly recently!

From someone who has gone through the process, I would advise that you read through all the guidance and take whatever time it takes to get a good application together. It’s too tempting to rush things at first, but to build a VA that stands the test of time, you need to plan things properly from day 1.

Best of luck!

They still exist, just rebranded to Dubai Virtual Airlines

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So i can’t create an individual emirates virtual?

No, that is not possible.

Ok i see. Thank you

Does anyone know how to code or would like to make an A.eriflight virtual I know they are a small part 135 airline but it would be nice to have and I dont know how to code or anything to make a VA

Emirates Virtual is now @DubaiVirtual but maybe you can try to remake an Emirates one !

Good luck ;)

It’s too much effort to do alone. Would you like to help me?

I would maybe suggest looking into another part 135 airlines as for Ameriflight IF doesn’t have a single current or former aircraft in the fleet.

Doesn’t mean you can’t but if you want to be realistic maybe not the best choice

I would have loved to help you but I’m President of my VO so I can’t apologize.