Is there an active jet blue VA open?

I want to fly the a321-a320 familys and I know jet blue has them.

You can fly any airplane and any livery (if you have a pro subscription), even if you are or aren’t in a VA, but if you want to join a VA I recommend you find their thread here or go to the owner’s account and maybe they linked the thread on their profile.

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If you want to see a particular livery you can create a topic in #features edit- my bad I see you are not able to because of your trust level

No there is not.

Check out this website for more details about VA’s and VO’s.


There is. virtualBlue.

No, they’re closed at the moment.

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@Pertonics if you take a look here, you’ll see that VirtualBlue (JetBlue) VA is probably coming back.

virtualBlue 2.0?

So to answer your question. Yes, there is a JetBlue VA but it’s not currently open.

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We’re open, but working on a special website feature with Epaga. We’ve been taking selective applications of those that message us here so that our system isn’t overloaded.
You can check Epaga’s IG if you want to learn more about the website feature.

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