Is there airway in IF?

I want to create a realistic FPL but I don’t understand the meaning of ‘following the airway’ (there’s no airway in IF) and ‘point to point’, what’re the differences?

No there are currently not airways in Infinite Flight. They were taken away in the first version of the Global Update to simplify flight planning but they will be readded at somepoint in the future.

That tutorial you linked was made BEFORE GLOBAL so won’t be up to date!

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Actually, here’s a tutorial for making a realistic flight plan with Airways @anon91707592 :)

The FPL SimBrief recommends, is it the fastest route? Does it take into account tailwinds and avoid headwinds as much as possible? Because sometimes they avoid certain areas and take a longer route.

Yes, SimBrief does take winds into account.

I usually look at a SimBrief plan before making my own to get a general idea of winds.

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Same I don’t copy every WPT SimBrief gives me because they don’t form a curve.

What do you mean by that? 🤔

There aren’t airways as such now, however you’ll find that a lot of the waypoints that link and make up airways are there. Simbrief and are your friends though!

The route you get from Simbrief is usually the most recent route that the flown in the real world. Most times if you check they’ll be the same.

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Skyvector is great too ;)

I prefer Simbrief as well. They give accurate flight plans and on top of that, they take aircraft stats into account for step climbing. That way your not stalling out at fl380 in a fully loaded 747-8 like I used to do when I first started in FSX lol

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Like the FPL most ppl in IF file looks like a zig zag line, I like mine to be a curve so that my plane doesn’t have to change heading by a lot.

Btw there isn’t anything wrong with having a zig zag FPL right?

This is what it’s supposed to look like. Usually during the cruise portion of your flight, there aren’t many sharp deviations. Real flights change their headings all the time enroute to their destination.

No. As long as your FPL doesn’t have sharp changes in heading i.e. 325° heading for 70nm, then an immediate 145° heading for 70nm, etc etc


I got two good flight planning sources for you, first is the online flight planner, this can provide you well plan route and fuel planning, though the route only contain waypoint of the start and the end of the airway so not exactly airways. Another one is Simbrief, is a dispatch system design for simulate flight, it will provide you with well payload and fuel planning, route with airway and dep/app procedure to the certain runway you choose, you can design your own route by Skyector and copy the route to Simbrief. I often use this for both IF and P3D, after you generated the flight plan, you will get a xml. file, copy the file to infinite flight plan converter, which is so helpful. The airway will be convert to waypoints and coordinates if the waypoint is not in IF global nav database. Hope those will help you!


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