Is there a yoke for ipad?

I was looking trough the internet for a compitle yoke for a ipad, is this possible so yes where can i buy one?


I recommend checking out this topic

Thanx! But one wuestion, van i use this for other simulators then if too? Like s plane or aerofly fs2020 On my ipad?

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Xplane and FS2020 aren’t downloadable on Ipad as far as I know

You can use Live Flight Connect on your computer. Just plug in a joystick 🕹 into your laptop or Pc and then go into your IF settings and enable Live Flight Connect (Settings —> General —> Enable Live Flight Connect). I haven’t tried this out though so I’m not sure if it still works.

It works don’t worry 😉

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He means X-plane mobile and Aerofly 2020, not X-plane 11 and MSFS 2020.

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There is xplane mobile and aerofly fs 2020 mobile i got them both + inf and if assistant

Ah okay.
I don’t know if these games have an option to fly with a joystick. Sorry

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