Is there a wrong help page somewhere that says you must always Request Frequency Change?

Hi there. We all heard how many people constantly “request frequency change” when it’s not necessary, e.g. when already instructed “contact tower when ready” or “contact ground when off the runway”.

How do people get this idea that they have to do this? You wouldn’t just think that you need to call “Request frequency change”, there must a be guideline, a thread or a help page somewhere that mistakenly says that you must always request frequency change before switching frequency. Can we find and fix it?

Yesterday at WSSS I was arguing with a Koreanair flight who stopped short of the runway and repeated “Request frequency change” about 10 times, and each time I answered “You were already instructed to change frequency” and “Taxi to runway 02L, contact tower when ready”. Seems like he didn’t get it.

aha yeah I feel ya but some people just feel the need to communicate with the person towering/ground because they want to feel reassured. I know I did when i started flying live :)

Hi Anton, first thing you need to know is that its most nessccessary not for pilots to request frequency change on ground. Because when they are instructed to taxi it gives them clearance. If they request a change on ground only - Go to Misc Messages and tap: Frequency Change already Sent

This will simulate: FlightXXX you were already instructed to change frequency

Though of course you cant get this option on other towers. So if they request frequency change again or after you instructed them to stay or leave you simply reply to them: Please follow Instructions

Hope this helps :)

Hi, I found a clear statement.

Go to Tutorials: Taxiing at towered airports
It is not necessary to ask for a frequency change from Ground to Tower when you are ready, you’ve already been authorized when ground issued the taxi instructions.
You should remember to switch to tower only when first in line.

Happy landings