Is there a way to see info about a flight after

I need to go in an reinput things for my VA but I don’t remember what the numbers were for the flight. Is there a way I can see the statistics about a certain flight after the flight?

You can open up the Infinite flight app and then in the bottom left corner. There’s the logbook. It has the airport ICAO’s from the flight and the flight time

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This would actually be a good development idea for IF. Just like copying the flight plan, you could after completing the flight copy the flight details in a certain format and then file this info easily to a VA registry. Now the VA flight registering is purely manual process. Function like this could make the life easier for all VA pilots.

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There’s a free third-party app called In-Flight Operations which gives you ACARS-style data after you finish your flight.

I haven’t got the chance to see if it works with the latest version of IF though - perhaps someone else can chime in on this?

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I use it regularly just not that flight. It works quite well.

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If you need your callsign just open the replay of the flight you’ll be able to see it

I was looking for more of the details containing weight, fuel burn etc.

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