Is there a way to see for Headwind?

Hello there!

I was doing a flight from Hong Kong to London Heathrow with Virgin Atlantic B787 and I came through some bad headwinds, I just made it to Heathrow with only 1% fuel! I was so lucky! But it’s there a possible way to see if there are headwinds so you are ready to add more fuel?

You can either use to see live winds for yourself or like I do use simbrief or something similar that will automatically give you the best route with best winds and an accurate amount of fuel required with the winds!


Oh wow! That was helpful thanks so much Lud!

No problem, happy to help! I know has simbrief built in under a tab that is much to straight forward to use than simbrief itself!

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I recommend

Set the height to 250hpa (~FL3400).

Does show the weather at different altitudes?

Yes. You can select the altitude on the right hand side

Awesome, thanks!

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