Is There A Way To Safely Free Up Storage On IF?

Hello. I’m new into video editing, and it requires GBs Of storage. I noticed my IF Documents and Data take up 6gbs of my 32 available. It is the most storage taken up by one app in my phone, more than all the other ones combined.

I want to know, If I Delete IF on IOS and Free Up Those 6GBs, If all my progress will be lost. If yes, then is there a way to keep my relevant information secure, (like grade, flight time, xp, etc) and get rid of the useless info.

I’m on IOS

You can delete it and reinstall it to cut some storage and just download the aircraft you like. All stats etc are saved into your account so just sign back in again.

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Ok thank you!

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It would be useful to be able to delete some planes or anything that take space instead of always reinstall. Just like clear Cache

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