Is there a way to request ATC?

I just really love when there is ATC approach guiding u to the runway, I’m right now in flight to RJTT and there isn’t approach, But i know that ATC are very busy and very hardworking without them this game really won’t be interesting. So i just want to know do we have to request or they will come themselves?
Thankyou again for all the ATC controllers with there amazing skills without them it would never be interesting.

Controllers are volunteers and will control in their free time :)

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Thx mate! because I’m new i just didn’t know

oops sorry I just closed tower😅🤭

😂 😂 😂ops XD but there are a lot of planes coming right know around 20 mins.

I mean Unicom is good sometimes XD

I’d love to stay but it’s 10pm and I have a class at 9am tmr which requires a lot of focus😭


Its alright man take rest school is important to. Thankyou very much for your service, i mean without you guys this game wouldn’t mean anything to me.


There is not as explained above. Thanks!