Is there a way to report other pilots?

There is a pilot on the Training Server who just flew through the KSEA approach path at about 6,000-5,000 feet without giving radio calls. According to his stats, he is a Grade 5 pilot.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, because I could be. But aren’t you supposed to give radio call outs if you fly through an airport approach path? Even if you aren’t landing at said airport?

Edit: If I’m wrong in assuming, please let me know! I don’t want to be a jerk.


He probably should, and contact the center on flight following to whatever airport he’s flying into unless he’s landing at KSEA in which he’ll need to contact the tower

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okay, gotcha. What if the area is under UNICOM control? There’s no active ATC currently.

While what he did is wrong and quite a double standard for a grade 5 pilot, unfortunately, it’s training server and people abuse it and there’s nothing we can really do about it on TS.

Expert server is super great except in the busy hubs where people troll nowadays.

I miss the days when this was quite rare and people on the IFC weren’t cringe machines with bad grammar.


That’s very disappointing. I’m also saddened to hear that people troll on the Expert Server. I’m currently at Grade Two, and have almost earned my Grade Three status to be able to fly in the ES.

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Yea your wrong he doesnt have to say anything if he isnt flying too the designated airport he can fly straight through without say anything because he is landing somewhere else you said he was around 6500 feet witch is fine as long as he isnt in the way of your decent path and plus its training server lool

Hey @NewsDude! Since it’s training server, where everyone is there to practice or learn more about procedures or flying in general, there’s nothing we can do.

Since he was around 6,000-5,000ft he might be on UNICOM where he needs to report his position in the pattern. Do not expect good behavior on TS tho.

If he was under approach they both need to be in communication regarding his approach and vector him safety, once again its TS.

Regarding the grade, grade 5 doesn’t mean you’re a pro flying… Grade does not reflect your piloting skills, anyone can get to grade 4 or 5 if they spend enough time on infinite flight.


Okay, thank you for the response! Just out of curiosity, what altitudes are considered “under approach” vs. “over approach”?

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Under approach below FL180 until you get your intercept or handoff to tower/Unicom.
Over approach/departure right after you take off or tower hands you to his freq, once you’re on his freq he will cover everything up to FL180.

If approach isn’t active you should contact Unicom/Tower below FL100, within 25nm.

Here’s some extra information:



Awesome! Thanks for this super in-depth explanation, I really appreciate it! Thanks for linking that approach article as well!

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Im sorry i didnt wanted to do that! It’s my CAT!

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Was that you flying?

Of course no, it’s my stupid jokes. Im flying right now at diff side of planet.


Just a reminder that your Grade means absolutely nothing besides how much time you spend on the game

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Straight facts which is why we need a better way to approve ES access

Not sure what this would be atm but it’d be nice

maybe doing a qualifying flight with an administrator tracking you the entire way? That seems like it would be a good way.

That would be great except for the time it’d take to set aside time to test thousands of users

But that would be cool, like a checkride but in IF

Exactly! Unfortunately, you’re right. It would be hard to schedule the number of users which use IF.

If you’re someone who is good at coding, you could write a program which could do automated checkrides.

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how the hell do people troll in expert do they not get violations?

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I see it all the time, I don’t know how they get away with it but it is quite common now

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