Is there a way to prevent Discourse from downloading and saving local copies of linked images?

I will show you what I mean here: When posting an image link like the one below discourse will make a local copy of this image (I guess for performance reasons so it doesn’t have to load the picture every time). Is there a way to prevent discourse from doing that? So when you click on the image it actually takes you to the webpage the image is hosted (like flickr)?

(Source of my image:

PS: I just noticed the image quality of linked images is really really lower than the last time I was here.

Nick I assume you mean Discourse (this forum) and not the Discord similar to slack :)

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Oh, see I’ve been gone for a long time eh? Feel with me ;)

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I don’t believe so. This is a question you’d be better asking on the discourse meta forum (

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<a href="[URL to link to here.]"><img src="[Image URL here]"></a>



Correction: Looks like HTML external linking isn’t allowed on this fourm. :/

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