Is there a way to merge an old account with a new subscription?

Device: Samsung S21 FE
Operating system: Android

Hi all! I have come back to Infinite Flight recently so I resubscribed which made a new account. I was wondering if there’s a way to merge my old account to my new one so I can connect my IFC and Discord account? Thanks!

Welcome back to the community! Unfortunately there isn’t a way to merge your new subscription to an old account. In order to do that, I recommend you to cancel your current subscription (Google Play > Subscriptions or wtvr its called), log in to your current (CJ209) account, and re-purchase the subscription. Might not work, but if it did, make sure to tag me! If it didn’t try to contact for more help.

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howdy! thanks for replying! i noticed after posting this that there was some posts of the same issue and schyllberg replying saying that he merged them. can he not do that anymore?

Hey all! The issue has been fixed.

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