Is there a way to make infinite flights graphics better?

Infinite flight is a great game just the rendering quality needs some updates so does anyone know how to make that better?

I don’t think so.

Yes but keep in mind that this method is extremely complicated. First, you must download all other mobile flight sims out there. Play them for a week. When you come back to Infinite Flight, everything should look 100% better. ;)


Due to mobile device performance this is pretty much cutting it. As mobile devices evolve over time it will open the opportunity to improve on better rendering quality.

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Well said my friend well said…

Have you turned your graphics settings all the way up to max?

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I have set everything up to high or very high and it works the dream. I assume you know how to do this but in case you don’t, go to settings and scroll down to graphics.
Note: If your device is old then changing these settings too high will not benefit you at all

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