Is there a way to look at my flight path?

Hi everyone,

So you know how on LiveFlight or on FlightRadar24 you can see the flight path of the aircraft? You how you can look at the flight path of someone’s flight when you click on someone’s plane In IF? is there anyway that I’m able to see my flightpath without using LiveFlight?

Like this:

The line of the flight

Thanks for the help!

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I don’t think you can. Only the waypoints are shown on the map you have used unfortunately. Although you can view other players Flight Paths. Correct me if I’m wrong?

That’s correct, you can view other player’s flight paths. But its weird why you can’t view your own one…

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There is no way to do it right now without heading to liveflight. But i would love to see it implemented.

thanks for the Answer Hamza. I might make a feature request about it… (Unless there already is one)

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You can on Infinite tracker

I mean in-game, not using another app.

I made a feature request: