Is there a way to lock view

Is there a way to lock view? Cockpit view.
Because it’s so gorgeous to be inside the cockpit. But sometimes a bad touch can move the view out of landing focus for example!
Lock status bar could be interesting too.
Thank you for your help

If you double tap the center of your screen, it resets the view to its default position.

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Double tap the center of the screen

No, there’s no way to lock it

There isn’t a way to “lock” a view, but you can reset your view to the original position by double-tapping it.

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There’s kind of a way to do it but it’s a bit different. On the third party app, Inflight Assistant there is a camera shake feature when you land/takeoff and locks the cockpit view in a certain position. Landings, I can’t really think of anything else since it’ll only shake when your rolling down the runway after you touch down and not while your on a short final.


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