Is there a way to let live flight connect work past 2 hours?

I made a post earlier saying about the problems with the 1-2 second input delay after a 2HR+ flight, I just want to know if anyone knows of a way to help this.

There is no need to make a second thread on it if you already have one. It is the weekend and the Live Flight developers have lives to live.

I’m sure they will see it and address it when they can.


look for my post on delay I’m solving it on PC and cell phone.

Sorry, I wasn’t particularly aiming my post at the live flight devs. I feel the first thread was just making people aware of the issue and then that died out (I didn’t make this for someone to immediately answer) it was more of a, if you use a joystick do you know a solution. That being said I get where you are coming from and I’ll make sure this won’t happen in the future.

I’m confused what do you mean

I have a delay when there are many planes at the airport, sometimes at the time of landing. I started to study I.F. and like flying on the computer it is easier to see parts of the program and its bugs. I made a post about it and the peoples was responding by talking about whether or not there were delays.

Could you link me the post please


you are welcome.
I already found solutions now I am testing them soon I will post some ok.

Cool, looking forward to seeing the results

let’s help each other.

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