Is there a way to let ATC know that you are in an emergency situation?

I have simulated emergency situations such as engine failures and on final approach been told to go around with no option to say “Unable”. Is there any way to signal to ATC that you are in some sort of emergency? I wish we could get mayday callouts as part of the ATC communication menu, but I am just not sure that that is a realistic thing for this game. Any work arounds that you guys know of?

Currently there is no way to communicate with ATC that you are in an “emergency” unless if you are low on fuel.

You can vote for emergencies to be added here:

The only “emergency” that the game supports is a shortage of fuel that you can let ATC know. Other than that, there’s no way you can let ATC know if you’re simulating an emergency. Since this is the case, I would advise you to simulate emergencies in the Training or perhaps Causal server so that you have more room to operate.

How do you get to that point? I’ve tried taking off with little fuel and haven’t gotten that prompt to send the message.

Thank you!

You must be flying for at least an hour in order for the “emergency fuel” option to activate

Alright I thought something like that would be the case. Thank you for your help!

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