Is there a way to join an online flying club?

Hi guys new hear but have been flying long time …halfway through my private pilots license can’t wait… just wondering if there was a way to talk to other people online infinite flight? And if so could I join a club or something…
Happy landings

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You currently can’t talk to people online in the app while flying, but feel free to talk to people on the forum:)

Thanks carso

There are virtual airline you can join, that’s like a club

We do have VAs (Virtual Airlines) that you can join! Here is the one I belong to!

Oops Carson lol

Thank you TopChaa

i belong to one called air a320

As mentioned you can’t talk directly to other pilots using IF yet. However club wise there are various Virtual Airlines as well as groups on Facebook ( IFWP for one) which are like flying clubs and you can communicate during flights using various communicating ways!

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No problem! There are many more like ours but what makes ours special is that we are the premier cargo VA in IF

Welcome to the forum, feel free to search and get involved in conversations, there are a lot of good people here willing to give you great information. Have fun:)

I’m deltavirtual

Well you could get Zello and chat on that

Hi Jeffery,

There is currently no way to talk to people in IF yet, that’s why we have the forum! As clubs go, there are tons of virtual airlines that you could join, I recommend the IFAO.


Ok rather than all the VA, you can talk to people trough a app called “Zello” there are tons of channels dedicated to IF.