Is there a way to get your progress back?

I was trying to clear my iPad storage I found this

I tried it and now I don’t have my tier 3 account anymore 4 years wasted of progress.😐 is there a way to fix this???

Operating system:IpadOS 15.3

Have you logged into your existing IF account that you had been using before re-installing?

Yeah i did

What about trying to start a flight on live and then end it a minute or two later because I have seen some others post about how that can work to have the app calculate/update the stats on their account.

i will try it

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well it did not work

Ok, I would recommend either emailing them at or waiting for one of the staff to notice this support thread and help you further. They will have a bit more access to information on their end.

alright ill wait

Did you restore your IF Pro subscription?


If you have an active subscription, you should be able to restore access by tapping “GET PRO” → “I already have an account” followed by “Revert to default account”.

ok ill try and srry for late response

Although it did not seem work it shows this now

There is a required amount of flight time/landings within a 90 day period(last 2 lines in the screenshot). Everyone is subject to those requirements, and your stats never “pause”. You’ll have to grind out the time and landings.

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By the looks of this as well you need to get your total landing to 100, currently sitting at 84 atm . Grade 3 requirements is to have a minimum of 100 landings and 15 recorded in last 90 days, so you’ll need to get more landings and you should be in G3 before no time

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alright thx it reseted

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