Is there a way to get rid of the Black Box glitch mid flight?

I am currently in the middle of a flight from KSFO to VIDP. I am currently around Nepal about 45 minutes away from my destination and I have the Blck Box. My flight is not showing up on Live Flight, but all of the status things are all green. Is there any way I can get the scenery back and not be off the chart without restarting my device?

Hi, go into your in-app settings and try clearing your cache.

Will this delete my flight?

No, it just refreshes your cache but you can continue.

i will try that Thanks!!

You can try pressing it more than once. Unfortunately if it doesn’t work the only other things you can do is try switching to airplane mode and reset your WiFi or end the flight and restart your device.

This didn’t work… oh well I guess I can use appr

Can I see a screenshot of what you’ve encountered?

See my other recommendation for resetting your WiFi if you can.

Ok I will get a screenshot. I tried to reset WiFi but everything stayed the same…

Well I tried to reset my WiFi but then IF crashed… Here are some screenshots I mannaged to take

Ahh man sorry to hear. I seen that you posted in the Blue Terrain thread the other day and I guess none of those tricks worked either.

Which version of Infinite Flight are you running?

There are no updates on the App Store so I imagine it has the latest update.

Best thing to do now is close the app, power down your device fully and reboot.

Ok, I remember this happened a few months back when I did a flight from London to New Delhi, but the glitch only lasted for about 30 minutes, and it only occurred when I wasn’t in India.

Most of us haven’t seen this in a while and usually (in some cases) it’s because the users app isn’t up to date. You could always delete the app and do a fresh reinstall. See if that helps.

That’s what I did last time but it’s interesting how they both happened on long hauls to New Delhi. Those screenshots I posted were taken while airplane mode was on, so it shows how it was was unresponsive. Perhaps it was from a previous disconnection and it never reconnected? I tried to make some ATC calls at a random airport but they wouldn’t go through…

If you aren’t connected to internet then you won’t be able to load the scenery. Make sure if you encounter this again you have a strong internet connection and when you clear cache be sure to press on the “yes” option instead of the highlighted “no” button.

Well my flight was literally right next to the WiFi, and I definitely clicked the yes button because the first time there was a little pause before I could exit the settings, and I clicked it again like 5 times afterwards as well.

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Thank you for all your help. If I come across anything else I will be sure to send you a PM!

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Sure thing 😉. Shoot me a PM anytime.