Is there a way to get Infinite Flight onto my computer or TV screen easily?

I have been wondering if there is a way to get infinite flight onto a bigger screen such as a computer or my TV to make it more fun and realistic. Also i am buying a joystick so would like it to play IF on a bigger screen than my phone or tablet.



If you are on an iOS divice you can use Apple TV


There are several different ways to get Infinite Flight up on a bigger screen.
But, the ways differ and to help you further we would need to know what kind of device(s) you have and so on.


To my knowledge, there isn’t any way on playing IF on the Windows computer. This may be helpful -

I have an android phone and tablet. (Samsung galaxy a5 2017 and Nvidia shield tablet). My tv is Samsung and my computer is accer.

I’ve got android unfortunately.

Shouldn’t you be able to cast from your tablet to your TV? Then connect a joystick to the tablet using a OTG-cable. More about the joystick support is to be found here:


I can use a HDMI mini cable from my tablet to tv I think which is looking to be the best option at the moment. Thanks.

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On our Tv, when i had a Samsung phone i could connect to the tv and it would stream my screen. Although i found it to be laggy. HDMI would be the other way i know, otherwise thats my limits.

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I use this and I think it works very well.

It is brilliant quality compared to others.

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Looks good. But I have android and it only works with iOS.

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I tried streaming it across and it didn’t work all the time. It’s looking like it’s going to be a HDMI cable at the moment.

I believe the same company do a Android version. I will try and have a look for you.

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Sounds good. Thanks.

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Did you find anything mate?

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I believe I did!

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Cheers mate. I’ll try it.😀👍

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You could try using a lightning to HDMI adapter if you use ios devices , I don’t personally own one but I have heard they work well. It will set you back about £50 though so not cheap!!

Ive got android so thats a no for me. My tablet has a HDMI mini port so i think im propably going to use that.

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Yeah that’s probably the best option for you. I hope that you get the setup you want!

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