Is there a way to do step climb when you are sleeping?

For long haul flights step climb is important because you can save fuel by doing that but how will you change the altitude of the aircraft when you are asleep or doing some work? Also to mention I don’t want to wake up in the night and change my altitudes.

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The longer version of what Mathurin said:

No, at this time, you cannot climb automatically, and especially not during sleep. There is no such functionality at this time. Moreover, the pilot must always be alert and ready to take control during climbs and descents, so even if/when automatic climb functionality comes, leaving it on while you’re away from your device is risky and could result in violations. The “Away” status doesn’t allow you to change altitude while you’re not monitoring your flight, as it is assumed that you are alert, even if the “Away” status shows up.

Hope this answered your question.


Who flagged this and why?

A simple answer to the given question.


Thank you! there is nothing I could add to my answer, it was clear and simple…


Found that pretty odd as well, bit cringe.

Anyway, maybe one day we will see VNAV for climbing, so we can step climb, but for now, ‘no (ten characters)’, as @Mathurin_Garcier said!


Infinite Flight Assistant enables you to do so. However, both the app and the feature cost money.


I have used it before, but it’s a bit risky. If something happens you can’t stop it and on the expert server you should be active while climbing and descending

nope i dont think so if u want to step climb u need to be awake and at ur device

Laura has said that this was their original plan but ended up not working. So (for now) VNAV is only available for descent.

I’ve never had issues using IF-As VNAV feature for step climbing. I only input stepclimbs altitudes into it so it doesn’t do anything else and I use IF’s built-in VNAV DESCENT feature but don’t enable it until I’m active at my device.

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Sometimes being clear and simple is the best way

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In a different topic @Capt_Whiplash linked to the video below. Go to 4m 20sec and the pilot talks about doing a slow continuous climb once when ATC allowed as a step climb.

He was allowed to set his VS to 100fpm. IF’s VS minimum is also 100fpm. In the video he did less than an hour climb I think.

But if you start from 10,000 feet and go to 37,000 feet. That’s a difference of 27,000 feet. Divide by 100fpm gives you 270 minutes.

That is 4 and a half hours of “step climb” while you sleep. In theory anyway. (If you’re not careful you might use more fuel by staying a lot lower for longer)

I have never had issues with it either, but you have to be active while climbing on the expert server

Infinite Flight Assistant is a third party app that works really well for automated stepclimb.
I used it for all flight.
However I believe this feature is usable for iOS devices only.


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