Is there a way to delete my ghosting?

Hi. Yesterday I got ghosted by DLVA GAF Aceorbit. I was ghosted because I was unable to communicate to him. I think it’s unfair because my app deactivated and activated a lot of times and my internet was very slow at that moment. I’ve never got ghosted before and it’s very frustrating to see I’ve been reported for the next two years. Is there any way that report can be deleted?

Please contact @Aceorbit directly.


He’s new to the community, he’s going to need Aceorbit to PM him instead.

Yea someone has to contact the controller and then invite him to a PM

Also welcome to the community!


I’ve PM’d the controller, and asked him to PM @Rasmus_Viksoe


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Thank you so much. :)

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Just from personal experience, guys, when you’re tagged two or three times in a thread, you don’t also need two PMs telling you to do the same things that were said in the tag. It’s just four or five different notifications where one will do. (Re: controllers coming to 5 different notifications after closing, all about the same thing)

@Rasmus_Viksoe You’re going to want to get a screenshot of the comms you received (if it was because you didn’t get some of the instructions) so that you can show you actually weren’t hearing what was sent in preparation. Also, if your connection is such that you realize you’re constantly being disconnected, it’s a good idea to divert from a busy airspace, as it’s bound to create issues.

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If I don’t have a great internet connection or my device isn’t working properly with lag etc I wouldn’t fly in to an IFATC controlled airspace, just to avoid ghosting. And no, you cannot delete ghostings.

Also, the report doesn’t last for two years as you stated, it lasts for one week.

Thank you Tim. Don’t know what happened to my connection?

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