Is there a way to avoid this?

Yesterday for FNF my friend and I planned a trip from JFK to Zurich, everything was going fine. On final approach we spaced each other out by about 20nm. He landed safely while i was contacting tower. I was cleared for landing on Runway 14, but as I was on final I got the message of doom, “Spicejet2311, you’re in an active airspace, please contact Zurich tower on 118.10.” I saw I had been changed to Unicom and when I went to look for tower it was not there (only showed ground on the map). I canceled the approach and went to about 10nm north of the airport and held there to see if tower would come back on while my friend was already at his gate. After waiting for sometime I was tired and diverted to an airport in Germany. I just wanted to see if there is a way to avoid this happening to you as it already happened to me two days straight and wish it won’t happen another day (today). Also a factor I forgot to mention was as I was talking to my friend he informed me a controller changed had happened about 1 minute after I was warned so I don’t know if that might have triggered it.


Check this out, and check my last message:

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Thanks, will try these steps. By no quitting in middle of a flight does it mean to quit the app and come back or quit the flight completely?

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Quit the App, don’t press home button, and come again.

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oh ok thats one thing I did do, since I was trying to get screenshots of the trip I went into settings to check my storage…

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Quit the flight completely if you’re going to leave the app, don’t leave the app then come back it can have adverse effects. This is also in the correct category, not a #support topic.

I’d divert or hold 35nm away somewhere and wait for the airport to become active again.

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Once I landed at the airport in Germany all 3 atc came on but I was tired and just called it a day there.

This has happened to me a few times where Tower tell you to contacted them and the only frequency showing is Ground. I’ve learn that a quick disconnect from the internet of WiFi connection fix it. I don’t know if will help you in the future but it helped me.

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If you’re on final and there is no tower (or tower quits being available) then simply announce your position on Unicom and continue landing.

If asked to contact Tower or Approach follow the instruction while continuing the approach.

This should help to absolut go-arounds or diversions in most cases.

I did do this on Thursday. I was on the runway at Palm Springs for take off and was being warned, I announced my moves in unicom but since there was an aircraft on final I couldn’t hold more on the runway and took off, of course I go ghosted and dropped 2 grades but the ghost was removed. So next time this happens do I just continue with approach?

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If you are warned to contact tower, contact tower and don’t takeoff without clearance.

If you are on approach or awaiting the takeoff clearance and tower goes away, then you should (in my opinion) switch to Unicom, announce your intentions and land or take-off.

You can have a look at this

I actually had the same incident when I was once doing a flight from Hong Kong to Sydney. The controller told me I was in an active airspace and to change frequency, but the only frequency I saw at Sydney was ground control, but after about 2 minutes, the issue resolved and I was able to contact tower (internet was fine the whole time)

Yea if you ever have connection problems wether with it’s with tower or planes appearing unknown etc what I suggest u do and just click home button wait for a few seconds and come back it will connect and you should be good this is what I do mostly all of my flights if I ever go out if my app to do something jus to make sure I’m connected

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