Is there a way of knowing when your grade 3 ban is Undone?

Just want to know because I’m kinda desperate to use grade 3 servers (expert) but I’ve been ghosted a while ago and I really want to fly on that server before my sub runs out.

Ghosts last 7 days when did you get ghosted?

If it’s been more than 7 days and you’re still grade 2, do a few touch&goes and you should get grade 3 back.

RTG113, I’ve been ghosted before and I automatically get upgraded to a grade 3.

Ok, when did you last get ghosted?

I got ghosted last Wednesday but I was only wondering if there’s a way of knowing a precise time when it ends.

If you got ghosted last Wednesday, you still have to wait one more day. Yes, the precise time is there.
Say you got ghosted at 12:28PM last Wednesday, you’ll be put back to grade 3 at 12:28 PM tomorrow.

K. Do you know where it Is?

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing the exact time you got ghosted.
If Thursday rolls around and you’re still not back to grade 3, a few touch&goes should fix the problem.

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Oh… OK then. Thanks.

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If you vote for this feature you may be able to see the exact time of your violation/ghosting in the future. :)

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