Is there a warning by the ATC before reporting?

Hello I am just curious about your ghosting rules. I am not here to complain I’m just here to ask a question. Are controllers supposed to give warning to a pilot before reporting? Just curious. Thanks for responding :)

It really depends on the occasion and the infraction. Sometimes warnings are given but it all depends on the infraction once again.

They usually do give a warning before ghosting, unless you are doing something extremely outrages but it depends.

Were you ghosted?


Usually ATC will give you a warning prior to the report. If it‘s very busy and you take off without permission or have an offensive callsign (for example), you might get ghosted without a warning.


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As IFATC, we judge every ghost and potential ghost case on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes, i would give no warnings, and other times I would give three warnings before a ghost. It all depends on the controller, traffic level, and circumstances impacting the ghost decision


As mentioned, IFATC will give you a warning to follow instructions. When it gets serious you may get ‘…or you’ll be ghosted’. This is when you really need to ask yourself if you’re not misunderstanding the ATC instruction.
Please don’t quit immediately when you get please follow instructions though…

You risk instant report for things like:

  • entering a runway without permission (and conflicting with another aircraft).
  • when not following a go-around instruction
  • taxiing through others

If I’m at 13,000 and climbing fast going 600 knots in a F-16 I could go any speed as I wasn’t in any airspace correct? And plus I did an unrestricted climb when I departed I was automatically going 400 knots.

Normally there will be a „or you will be ghosted“ as clearified in this post:

Nonetheless other reasons for an immediate ghost might be extreme conflicts with other aircrafts (near-misses) due to your flight/aircraft or the disregarding of FNF rules.

You can get ghosted on this depending on who you are with in terms of the ATC position, at 13000 you most likely got ghosted by the approach/departure controller, check this post for more info.

@Preston_Stanberry1… MaxSez: “Ghosting” is subjective. The situation, personality and experience level of both the do’er and do’ey is the key. There are excellent do’er but then there are the ticket writer types with a quota. I always check the Controller ID block. If I don’t know him/her I observe the doer’s technique and apparent state off mind. If I’m not comfortable I punch out and go down range. On the other hand, the Expert Server requires aeronautical skill and foreknowledge. Do’eys don’t whine if your Ghosted. 99% of the Time its Pilot Error. Learn from it…
Just Sayin, Max


Aaronsez Max is correct 😉


No one said he wasn’t 🤔

In response to your comment after it’s seems to me like you didn’t read all that I typed I most definitely said “I’m not complaining.” I was simply asking an officials thought not a person like you. The whining part of your comment was unnecessary thanks. :)

@Preston_Stanberry1. MaxSez: No disrespect intended Pres, no criticism just a personal view based on this continuing Ghost type Topics. FYI, The IFATC Handbook is in the !library, the IFATC philosophy is clearly stated in it, If you do a bit of research you will never have to rely on the unreliable Forum, There’s snakes on this plane, Hisssss.
Max Sends


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