Is there a VA using the IF livery?

Hi there,

I really want to use the 757 and the A330 when they both come out the issue is that I am trying to find a VA that uses the infinite flight livery. I looked at Delta Virtual but I did not want to fly for a super big VA. If you could help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Check out IFVARB for more information.

Most VAs use a livery based on the airline. I would suggest looking for a VO. Many of them use specific aircrafts, but they leave the livery choice to the pilot.

There are a few that use them for charter, VIP, Private jet type stuff beyond regular route systems.

But we do not allow a VA to use the infinite flight name directly as a VA/VO. (There’s a few grandfathered VO’s in the ifvarb certified before that rule was put in place from IF)


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