Is there a va that has kmem as a hub

Hi what vas have kmem has a hub

Fedex VA…

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FedEx Virtual does. If theres a Northwest VA then they do.

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fed ex VA is one

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Other then fedex

I don’t think so, but if you check and go to the VA/VO database you can find the hub of the VA’s

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Im so happy that this wasn’t converted into a spam thread :)
Congrats people


Well, scine my post was flagged for being funny…

FedEx VA, also Delta has MEM as a hub, correct me if Im wrong

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Thank you very much

Delta does NOT have KMEM as hub


OK gotcha then

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All I fly is FedEx and when am arriving or departing KMEM most of the time I will see a few FedEx VA pilots there. I believe KMEM is only a hub for FedEx just like in real life.

Thank you can a staff please close this

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