Is there a 'time glitch' in the game?

Like many others, I always fly realistic routes and pushback based on the real departure time. However, every time the long haul flight lands on the next day I seem to somehow skip an hour during the flight. Let me elaborate with my most recent flight as an example, LH425 from Boston to Munich:

I pushback slightly delayed at 22:07 and after a fairly long taxi to 33L, take off at ca. 22:30 (20 minutes late). Our flight time of only 6hrs and 30mins (compared to the route average of 7 hours) means we should be making up most of our delay. However, I land at 10:55 local time, over an hour behind schedule? Based on my delay and flight time, it seems reasonable to suggest that the time has skipped EXACTLY one hour because a 9:55 arrival time would’ve been slightly delayed from schedule.

This seems to happen on every long haul flight where the flight lasts into the following day (Flying from europe to USA doesn’t have this issue for example). Is anyone else experiencing this?

Before you say this should be in the support category: this is not a technical issue, so, based on the category’s description, I didn’t deem the support category relevant. More than happy to relocate the topic if I was wrong