Is there a specific time when I should host fly outs?

Hello IFC Users. I have just been granted TL2 and I want to do a group flight / fly out soon. I have read the directions about hosting a fly out but I have a question. Is there a certain time that has to wait before the flyout? What I mean is like does it have to be like weeks or months in advance before the event or can it be like I can host it tomorrow or in 2 days? My subscription expires on Wednesday. Thanks IFC users.

So if you post it in #live:groupflights it has to be within 3 Hours of the post. If you post it in #live:events i believe you have to set it a few days later


For #live:events, you can have the event whenever, however, it is recommended to post the event 2 weeks (or more) prior to the event to allow for lots of sign-ups


Ok. Thank you Alphadog4646. I might as well just host a group flight tomorrow since my subscription expires Wednesday. Thanks for helping me out!

Thanks GlobalFlyer1 for the help. When I re new my subscription I’ll be sure to post the event 2 weeks in advance.

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For a flyout… It’s best to schedule the event with time in between posting and the actual event. I’d recommend a week - but you clearly don’t have that. So truly its up to you. Groupflights however must be posted within 3 hours of the event time

The busiest times for a event during the Summer (Northern Hemisphere) tends to be from 1800Z-0200Z and the event should be done well to attract maximum attention to the event post. See these below:

Best of luck to you as you enter a whole new aspect of Infinite Flight! Hope that you can renew your subscription and enjoy being a creator to the Community


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Ok will do thanks! Also, am I able to host an event on Training Server or does it have to be Expert? The reason I say Training is because I want to control as ATC for my event I’m hosting since I’m part of TSATC.

Yes. You may post an event on the training server! Just ensure that you know basic ATC skills (so pilots dont rage quick due to bad controlling) and follow the guidelines for creating a event.

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Ok thank you! Controlling as ATC should not be a problem for me since I have done long sessions on TS before at busy airports like at KSFO and yes I do know basic ATC skills as I always do things like IFATC such as dealing with pilots reporting position after given clearance to land. Again thanks for the tips and I will be sure to look at those links.

Sincerely Aidan

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