Is there a Ryanair Virtual?

Hello IFC!

I very much hope you are all doing well and aren’t too bored of sitting around at home as many of us our at the moment.
I just have a quick question, is there a Ryanair Virtual Airline? There isn’t one listed on but I was wondering if that meant there definitely wasn’t one. I am pretty sue it does mean that but I thought I’d ask anyway.

Stay safe and thank you!

Iff it’s not on the list, it doesn’t exist, no.
You can also check the reservation list. Maybe someone is making Ryanair Virtual. 🤷‍♂️

I guess if it isn’t in the database, there is no Ryanair Virtual. (I may be wrong though)

No, no one is making a Ryanair Virtual.
@InfiniteFlightDeck you can create one if you like :)

Thanks everyone, I thought that was the case but I thought I’d check

Ok, sorry, one more question. I have chosen another airline to join but how do I go about foing that?

Check #live:va :)


If you head to this link, you’ll be able to find all of the currently active virtual airlines operating for Infinite Flight. Alternatively, as you’ve already used — is a good resource.

If you click on one of the virtual airlines that interests you, you’ll be taken to a website or recruitment page. The steps to apply will be clearly posted on each site. Remember that application doesn’t guarantee acceptance.

Contrary to the previous reply, there is a Ryanair virtual. You can find it at this link.

All information (more than I’ve put, obviously) can be found at #live:va.



That link is from 2016, it’s outdated. 😅

There isn’t a Ryanair Virtual anymore, they shut down. You can see this by going to As you can see, no Ryanair. this link is the most updated one, and will stay the most updated. If the VA you’re searching for isn’t there, it doesn’t exist.

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There is a Ryanair VA. @RyanairVirtual 👍👍👍

Answered :)