Is there a RCAF VA

I’m just wondering if there is a VA for the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) however I have no interest in creating/running a VA

No, i don’t think so, but i plan on making one in November if it doesn’t get taken by then.


Ok. Thanks for letting me know

That’s also GAF (Global Air Force) which can put you into the Canadian division (if there is one).

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Ok. I’ll check that out

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There is a RCAF division within GAF. I’ll PM you a link to sign up to join.

Ok. Thanks

We have the Canadian Red Hawks and Royal Canadian Herc C-130J Display displaying for our final air show this November if you wanna check them out!

The Global Air Force just introduces a RCAF division. We are extremely excited to open our doors to our Canadian neighbors!

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reach out to @natedog508 , he was with Air Canada VA and integrated the RCAF division within GAF. More than happy to help get you started. We also operate under a my career format to enhance realism which means your GAF career starts off from your nearest civilian airport to simulate leaving home to basic training. Then from there you attend undergraduate pilot training which requires 3 basic flight training sorties before moving on to advanced flight training.

We’ve been around for close to 3 years and out VO consists of real life air men who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces so experience is to help assist is definitely there if you are interested.



Hey Man! I’d love to see you join our new RCAF division of the IFAE GAF! Please reach out to me when you can. As art said

When you reach out i’ll give you more in depth details. Looking forward to your message :)

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Since you were interested in making one, i hope you’re as interested in joining one :))))

If so, shoot me a pm. I’d love to have you join us