Is there a post when they add new liveries?

is There an update on here when this happens? Like saying they’ve added a few new liveries, and on which aircraft? I’m looking at the 737-700 and I could’ve sworn some of these haven’t been here before. Just wondering! Thanks in advance.

I‘m pretty sure they’ll make an announcement when there is a release (and if they don’t we‘ll have a flood of new threads about it here on IFC) 👀

But we don’t have any information yet about it, nothing has been added recently 😊


As @Marc said, information about new liveries comes out in #announcements. They usually push new liveries when the app has a new feature, new aircraft, etc. You’ll definitely notice an announcement when a big update is out, so keep an eye out!


I do remember seeing a post somewhere saying that they don’t need to release and update to the app stores as they can just release them like with the navigation updates.


This is true as of the 19.3 Update

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Cool. Thank you good sir. Mods can close the post now 😊

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