Is there a possible way to preview events to yourself as a way to plan to post one?

The title is pretty self-explanatory I guess (I say this lots lol)

Yes, send a PM to yourself and create the event for yourself.
When you think: it’s finished you copy paste everything in #live:events and you’re done

How to send a PM to yourself

Go to your profile
Go to messages and “new message”
When it says “add user” you just fill in your own usertag.
And voila, there’s your PM to yourself. This is very handy for making events because you don’t want it to be accidentally posted.

Good luck


Here’s a link to the detailed steps:

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Thanks man! I highly appreciate it ;)

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I guess every time you don’t know something you post something like that 😅.

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Yep every time I post in general, I’m always asking for information lol