Is there a minimum device specs to run Infinite Flight without game crashing?

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Hey guys I am considering getting back into flying after a while but I remember that shortly before I took a break my game was crashing very often, so I am wondering if there are any minimum device specifications to run Infinite Flight without crashing (for iOS). Thanks!

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What device do you have?

I recommend going into EGLL on casual server - its always busy! Just fly around a bunch and see how your device handles with the new 3D buildings and traffic!

For me, the best settings to reduce without ruining the gameplay are:
3D building density - Simply just reduces the amount of objects rendering into your game at one time
Aircraft count - Aircraft will still be there, however, reducing the airplane count will reduce the amount that actually show up on your screen - P.S. I would HIGHLY recommend keeping Aiplane names and Airpland dots on so you’re aware of aircraft around you.
Rendering Quality - When set to medium, it doesn’t seem to have too much affect at all on the visual aspect of the game.

Depending on how old your device is, you might want to turn off Anti-Aliasing and limit the frame rate to 30fps. Whilst they may not provide the ULTIMATE visual satisfaction, i find them vital in preventing game crashes when using much more dated devices!

Hope this helps!

Feel free to PM me if you have any other issues :)

Alright I will try that out later. Thanks for the help!

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iPad 6th Generation. It is from 2018 so I understand that it won’t run the best.

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I would strongly recommend taking a read through this thread below:

It’s a very useful thread created by @Kirito_77 that highlights the compatibility of multiple different devices for using on Infinite Flight and the ideal settings to the get the most out of your Infinite Flight experience.

Take care!


Thank you for the advice!

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No worries at all!

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